• family sitting in poppies walker canyon

    Super Bloom – A Wildflower’s Life

    photo of poppy reserve

    They lay patiently for years in the ground waiting for that rare opportunity to stand up and show off. When the rain thoroughly penetrates the soil, large groups of seeds slowly wake up but continue to rest for several months. As the temperature warms, they become ready for their show. The time comes when each seed gets dressed in their fanciest attire. They are bright and vibrant with colors ranging from purples, oranges, yellows, pinks and golds. It’s as if each flower is trying to outdo the other. Hillsides look painted with colors of the rainbow. The botanical phenomenon can be seen from a mile away.

    photo of california poppies

    Everyday when the sun stops shining on the flowers, some of the flowers close their pedals to protect their attire. In the morning, they get dressed when they feel the sun’s warmth on their pedals. The pedals open up and they put on another show.  This goes on for about a month until the soil dries up. The flowers become weak and are ready for a long-earned break. They lay resting in the ground, waiting for the next show stopping opportunity in the years to come.