• Fernbridge Photography Assignment

    Why would an investment capital firm send me to photograph a 100+ year old bridge in the middle of nowhere?

    After months of covid-isolation, I was given the greenlight on a photography assignment that would send me to a small town in Northern California called Fernbridge. There stands an unassuming bridge that most will simply pass over and not realize what lies beneath – the world’s longest functional poured concrete bridge, The Queen of Bridges, a historic landmark with concrete etched arches.

    Fernbridge has stood the test of time since 1911, withstood over 9 historic floods while newer bridges that spanned the Eel River have all failed. This bridge represents a simple idea, executed to an exacting standard that is most effective and long lasting. It is the brand story of Fernbridge Capital Management.


    I was tasked with photographing the bridge and surrounding area to develop unique corporate art that would be displayed in the Fernbridge offices.

    As I drove the bridge for the first time, I wondered how I would photograph it and make it seem majestic. It appeared as a simple two lane road that crossed the river, big deal? I approached the bridge from underneath. Once you arrive at the shore, the contrast of driving over versus seeing what lies beneath is staggering – a series of concrete arches spanning the Eel River, detailed etching and a century of weathering give it a majestic and deep character. The relentless river, leaving it’s mark, but unable to bring it down. It is an indelible icon, the perfect brand for this investment banking firm (Fernbridge Capital Management).

    It was an epic week in Humbolt County and I will share some of the surrounding areas that I was also tasked to explore in a future post.